†† Faithfully I come, I bow, I confess. And there you are, Continuous love overflows from Your spirit onto me. You’ve thrown my sin as far as the East is from the West. But why is shame the only picture on my mind’s silver screen? Isn’t there joy for the weight lifted? Why are my … Continue reading Shame

Dear Mother of Mine

Dear mother of mine. If I could explain the emotions and pain that I feel each time you’re upset or disappointed or even just sad. It could be explained as a small scratch on my heart. But as time goes on, I realize more and more that most things if not almost everything that happens … Continue reading Dear Mother of Mine

Plain Jane

Hi I’m plain Jane. Everyone here knows me but my simplicity distracts those from who I really am. I don’t dress as nice as you and I dont cake my face as clearly as you, but I think we’re kinda similar. I mean we’re both human, right? Sometimes I wonder. You’re just so snake like, … Continue reading Plain Jane

Your Warm Embrace

When life’s struggles target themselves towards me, When my head can barely process enough to function, There you are with your arms wide open. Your arms full of warmth and comfort. Willing to soothe my aching heart. As you pull me in you whisper to me: “I really like this.” Continue reading Your Warm Embrace